Custom Services

Buchanan Lumber Mobile is pleased to offer a variety of custom service to meet our customers' needs.

For more information on all that we can do as well as pricing, please contact Dick at (251) 433-9567 email [email protected]

  • Custom Kiln Drying
  • Double End Trim/Packaging/Paint/ Logos, marks and tickets
  • Re-packaging
  • Inspection and width dimension sorting
  • Truck and Container Load/Unload
  • LTL Van Loading
  • Trans-boarding railcars/containers/trucks
  • Yard Storage, Warehouse Dry Storage, Shallow Barge Storage
  • Sawmilling/re-sawing
  • Rental and Leasing options, waterfront, office
  • Millwork, S2S/SLR/S4S
  • Freight arrangements
  • Heat Treatment